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The mini-tennis program at Dax Tennis Club is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 6, where the focus is on rocket play in hand and teaches tennis in a fun way that will open their taste for this sport. At this age, you will learn the right and left strokes, the placement of your body and your hand on the rocket, and the specific leg play.

Those who start sports at this young age will have an edge. They will be familiar with the basic procedures, how the ball comes, its bounce, the right moments of hitting. Through this program, children will get closer to the next cycle, namely the actual initiation.

The Tennis Program is designed for children aged 5-6 years, who will be taught all the technical elements necessary to execute the entire range of kicks, starting from the right and left kicks, continuing with the service and slice and dude. Tactical specifications will be made according to the level of play achieved, the physical or mental qualities of each. You will be familiar with the physical exercise specific to this sport. At young ages they can better understand all the secrets of tennis find the optimal age for learning and fast accumulation. In this learning process, the best players can start the first competitions in Tennis 10 and FRT. Depending on the number of training hours, in time, players who make this sport of pleasure will be separated from those who want to perform.

Upon request, you can opt for the new “Play and Stay” training system, a concept that aligns the weight and size of the game balls with the age of young practitioners. If the player is smaller, use lighter and bigger balls (easier to hit) and smaller missiles. This will help them to hit the ball more easily, place it where they want and make more balls with the opponent, which will increase the enjoyment of playing tennis.

In order to be understood by the young, the following are used:

  • red balls on the red ground, for children between 4-6 years old;
  • orange balls on the orange field, for children between 7-9 years old;
  • green balls on the green field, for children between 8-10 years old.

* Children who follow our club tennis classes benefit from free of charge during the top level rocket lesson at the level of play and age “

The training program is intended for children who have passed the level of initiation and need a program that achieves a very good level of play, technically correct, or that facilitates their way to performance. At this stage, the coach is surprised by elements of detail that can be improved and which players now can understand and put into practice.

Program and reservations

Program: 07:00-24:00

You can make reservations at: +40729060303 / +40758255285

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