Lately, looking at a professional tennis match, we notice that the level of physical training of athletes is impressive. In the past 10 years, the physical performance of a performance athlete has increased considerably, players now have to hit the ball much more strongly, move faster and more explosively. The body must be prepared to withstand more, generate more strength and cope with the new rhythm of play.

If you want to improve your physical condition and implicitly increase your level of play you have to do much more than spending hours on the tennis court, you have to make complex physical training specific to this game.

Strong blows, the repetitive nature of the game, the different surfaces, the individual playing styles, the multitude of kicks, moves and positioning require a specific physical training program.

Physical training also helps to prevent injuries. A symmetrically trained body with a good posture, with good mobility, will make it easier for you to change modern tennis.

Physical training at Dax Tennis Club is tailored to the individual characteristics of each player (stature, current physical level) and proposed goals.

Physical training will take place on the tennis court and on the athletics field.

For more details, please contact the tennis coach – Adrian Dancescu – tel. 0758255285

“If you put FEDERER on the 100 meter line it will not be the fastest, if you take it to a gym it will not be the strongest, but its general composition has made it a legend of white sport.”

“The more talented you are, the more you have to work” – Pierre Paganini.

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