The adult course involves learning the basic technical principles of each stroke, starting with the right kick, kicking the lapel and the service, and continuing to a more advanced level with slice and volleyball. The learners will be given tactical specifications, the ones they are able to put into practice, depending on the level of play. They will be familiar with the specific movement in the field, ball positioning and “step science”.

Dax Tennis Club wants, after learning, the amateurs to have access to a new way of moving, losing weight through a spectacular game that besides physical exhaustion will also provoke them mentally. In the meantime, if they have achieved their goal – the desired level of play – they will be able to give up their coach and replace them with friends to challenge them to a simple balls or a match.

We recommend those who have higher goals and want to get to a better level of mixing parties with friends, with private training. Several hours spent on the tennis court, along with the coach’s precious tips, will help you progress at a much faster pace. In a competitive spirit, in the absence of near-level partners, in addition or simply if you want to evaluate your progress, there is the option to participate in amateur tournaments at the right level, such as BCR TENIS PARTNER or SPORTS COMPETITIONS.

Dax Tennis Club will help you reach a good level of play and where you can climb to the elitist levels of these tournaments.

* In adult classes, rockets and balls are offered free of charge by the club

Professional Sparring Partner (Sparring-partner)

DAX TENIS CLUB offers game partners of various levels able to cope with any style and respond to any claims from customers, from amateurs to professional or world-class professionals. The club can offer players from the top 200ATP levels to the beginners with whom to share the emotions of your first kicks on the tennis court. They can take part in simple, double, training or simple ball games.

Program and reservations

Program: 07:00-24:00

You can make reservations at: +40729060303 / +40758255285

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