Dax Tenis Club Bucharest

Dax Tennis Club is welcoming our clients with loyal, dedicated and motivated instructors, a homogenous team that promotes an active lifestyle through field tennis throughout the year.

Our goals

Founded in 2011, Dax Tennis Club aims to provide the best setting for practicing field tennis both at the level of entertainment and at the level of performance.  The club wants to meet every client, facilitating services tailored to individual needs – relaxation and socialization, learning and performance.


Encourage children to practice this sport and support them on their way to high performance

To offer our clients an oasis of peace, relaxation, comfort and pleasure

Permanently improve the facilities offered

Promote professionalism, responsibility, hospitality, safety and relaxing atmosphere


Reasons to come to Dax Tennis Club

  1. Learn to play tennis correctly;
  2. You are moving in a pleasant and relaxing way with your friends;
  3. You become healthier;
  4. You are part of a disciplined, educated, sporty group and find new game partners;
  5. You enjoy all the facilities offered by our club;
  6. You disconnect yourself from daily stress and enter into a pleasant, dynamic environment;
  7. Easy access to our club.

Professionalism in learning

The club offers professional-level learning services with the help of the best coaches: sports coaches, former ATP world-class performance players, coaching specialists and PTR-certified coaches, adult coaches.

We evaluate the level reached and a program tailored to new goals (increasing the number of training hours, adding new services such as physical training or recovery, individual training hours to improve some technical elements that require improvement).


The tennis club attracts through its small size and family atmosphere, being placed in a quiet area, surrounded by green space and free from noise and pollution of urban traffic. Thus, our clients – children and adults – can enjoy a playful and relaxing environment in clean air and a pleasant and quiet environment.


Dax Tennis Club focuses on the quality of all services offered. Our red clay tennis courts are of the highest quality, constantly leveling and illuminated accordingly. During the cold season they cover and heat up. The club also has other play areas, such as the modern terrace, relaxation area, changing room, sports bar, rocket customization area, etc.